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PICK ‘n’ MIX encounters

Please note: some of our birds are currently in training.
Please see below which birds are currently available and bear with us as we train our new additions.

One of the reasons we love our job so much is because it is unpredictable- no day is the same. And a large part of that is down to the individual personalities of our bird team- each has their own character and the quirks that come with it. They definitely keep us on our toes! Every visitor that walks past the aviaries soon picks their favourite…or favourites!

On our PICK ‘n’ MIX encounters we give you the option to tailor make your day. You can choose 1, 2 or 3 of the team and we will work with you to give you a personal and unique experience.

The PICK ‘n’ MIX encounters are also a great choice for younger bird fanatics, those less able to manage the rougher terrains or longer time frame of our half day; or perhaps those of you that are more nervous of the feathered members of the animal kingdom and need some one on one support.

We will only take a booking from one group for each time slot, so whether you treat yourself, book a special anniversary surprise for 2 or bring the family for a big birthday to remember, the PICK ‘n’ MIX encounter at River Bourne is the perfect, fun, affordable family day out!

Have a look at our Meet the Birds page here to pick out your A Team!

20 minutes per bird, 9.30am start time, 4 paying guests per encounter MAX.

  • 1 bird £20pp
  • 2 birds £40pp
  • 3 birds £50pp

AVAILABLE BIRDS and minimum flying ages below. Please note- anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • 6 years- ‘Merula’ American kestrel, ‘Nola’ Dark-breasted Barn owl, ‘Boomslang’ Northern White-faced owl
  • 8 years- ‘Squidge’ Burrowing owl
  • 13 years- ‘Mango’ Bengal eagle owl


Rest of the River Bourne Team (currently in training): Ruby, Aramis

The Finkley Team: Shadow, Daytona, Oxamyl, Archie, Flores

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PLEASE NOTE each bird has a minimum age requirement (see above). PICK ‘n’ MIX encounters are shorter, but more personal experiences where you will meet and handle up to 3 birds of your choice. If you are interested in meeting more members of our team why not spend a half day with us which will allow you that extra bit of time learning about how wonderful our birds are.

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      We will contact you via telephone to take payment for the experience, however experience day packs will be sent out via post or email.

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