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Meet & Greet Encounters

Our meet and greet sessions are less formal and more interactive where we ditch the PowerPoint and bring more animals and more artefacts! No meet and greet ever runs the same and the hour long sessions really give you the opportunity to get to know our falconers and ask as many questions as you can think of! 

Have you heard the distinctive ‘meow’ call of the buzzard or ‘killy killy’ cry of the kestrel? Have you experienced the haunting shriek of the barn owl up close? 

Do you know how wide an eagles wings are, or how tiny the smallest owl on the planet is? Have you seen the biggest egg in the world or felt how soft an eagle owl feather is?  

Decending from the skies to the undergrowth we will also bring along some of our minibeasts so that the bravest of the group can get up close and learn the amazing adaptations of some of the planets smaller residents!  

Whatever your age, a meet and greet is a fun and relaxed way to learn a whole lot about a little handful of the amazing wildlife living around the world today!  

60 minutes: informal talk, animal and artefacts, £85 

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