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About Us

“TWO Bird Experiences and Education Ltd is a company built on friendship, dedication and a passion for birds. Me and James met in 2012 at the Hawk Conservancy Trust- a special place for both of us. It was here that James had his first owl encounter and here I held my first hawk and fell in love with birds of prey. Starting at the trust as an apprentice, James slowly worked his way up the ranks to become head of top section, looking after the larger vultures and eagles while, over in Gloucester, I built up my confidence working at the International Centre for Birds of Prey. 

After originally meeting when I completed vulture research at the trust, we met again when I returned to the Hawk Conservancy as a falconer, where James was only too happy to show me the ropes (plus the odd prank or two!). Fast forward to our next meeting on the Education and Presentations team at Birdworld- here our roles reversed with James stepping in as my lieutenant. This was an amazing experience and gave us both a fascinating insight into the behaviour of non-raptor species, from Kookaburras and Seriemas, to Pelicans and Penguins!

We realised pretty early on that, not only did we work very well together, but we also had very similar goals in life. We had a shared dream to make a real difference in the world and so, before fate or chance bumped us into each other again, we combined my love of education with James’ passion for conservation, to create TWO Bird Experiences, and the company was born! The birds were thrust from the calm of our back gardens into the spotlight of River Bourne Community Farm, where our journey really began back in 2018.

In 2021 the business took its next big leap and we branched out to a second site in Andover- Finkley Down Farm. The farm is a wonderful place to explore and have fun (whether you are a little or big kid!) and we feel privileged be able to showcase our birds daily in talks and demonstration, especially sharing our passion for birds with the younger generation.

In August 2023 we made the difficult decision to leave our original home base at Laverstock, but however hard this was, we know it will bring us a whole new world of opportunity and now, in 2024, we are working towards building a whole new premises at a top secret location- so keep those ears and eyes on the website for updates.

Our story has been a crazy ride filled with mountains of paperwork, blood, sweat, tears, a lot of joy and a whole lot of love and and we wouldn’t change it for the world!” Director, Emily. 


Behind The Logo

“We are both very lucky to have families who have supported us from a very young age to follow our dreams and who have always believed in us. Even when three year old Emmy was being butted over by deer at the New Forest Otter and Owl centre, and tiny Jim was protecting his mini cheddars from the donkeys!

There were three very special people who did not make it to see us achieve our dreams and who are now represented in our logo- my Grandad Allan and my Grandpa Eric- two wise and truly amazing people; and Grandad Tony, James’ inspiration and hero.”




Grandad Allan

A cheeky chappie, an adventurer, ZE G!

“Grandad was a flight engineer for British airways and captain of “Rene D”, his Sailboat and pride and joy. Grandad travelled the world and always had the perfect story for every situation. He taught me the importance of hard work and that people will always get what they deserve. A true family man, he was always there if you needed him.”


Grandad Eric

An artist, a jazz man, a true gentleman.

Grandpa spent his career as a bank manager and is the only man I have ever met who felt a tweed suit was suitable for every occasion! Grandpa was a jazz drummer and came to life when he rocked throughout the night, with grandma dancing by his side. In his spare time he was a fantastic artist and photographer. Grandpa taught me to enjoy every moment and to appreciate what you have, treasure those around you. A hopeless romantic.”         


Grundie Tony

Fisherman, friend, family man.

Grundie spent the majority of his career working for the forestry commission; managing the land, looking after the trees and maintaining the hedgerows and the wildlife that lived within them. This love of nature followed him home where a huge array of animals from chickens and goats, to ferrets and Piranhas lived in his “personal zoo”! Grundie not just gave me my love of wildlife but my love of the outdoors. He fished every day he wasn’t working and kept shelves upon shelves of rods and flys in a “grundie cave” in the garden. He would do anything for anyone, he was the kindest of souls and everybody’s friend.


Our Aims

  • We aim to use our team of raptors and other exotics to separate people from the stress of daily life and reconnect them with nature.
  • We aim to share our passion for nature and give the people we work with a greater understanding and appreciation of birds and the habitats they live in, as well as their importance and the need to preserve them.
  • We aim to encourage our visitors to look around and get excited about the abundance of wildlife and that join us here in both rural and urban Wiltshire and Hampshire.   
  • We aim to give every guest a truly unforgettable, up close and personal experience, one they will treasure for years to come. 
  • We aim to provide the very highest levels of management and welfare and to challenge the perceptions and stigmas surrounding modern falconry and birdkeeping. 
  • We aim to keep the fascinating history of falconry alive through educational lectures, workshops, flying demonstrations and experiences. 
  • We aim to approach both bird and business management with innovative and creative thinking.
  • We aim to provide a supportive and fun working environment and constantly develop our employees and volunteers.

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